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Tilt Doors versus Sectional Panel Doors

Tilt Doors versus Sectional Panel Doors
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Overhead Garage doors are available in two main types: sectional panel and tilt. Sectional panel doors are made-up of a number of panels that are bound together by hinges. As it goes up the sections start to fold allowing the door to curve when nearing the ceiling. Tilt garage doors are one piece and is not broken into sections. They do not bend at all. These doors are more of a classical style that’s sometimes found on older homes, small garages, and sheds. Each type has its advantage.

Sectional Panel Door

Tilt Doors versus Sectional Panel DoorsWhen having to choose between the two, most homeowners select to have the sectional garage door installed. When considering opening and closing, they take up less space and provide the convenience of being power operated by an opener as opposed to having to open it manually. A sectional panel door does not overlap to the outside area of the garage. When it is opened completely, it sets perfectly along the ceiling on a garage door track.

Tilt Door

Many people hold on to the traditional tilt garage door because of their appearance and aesthetics. Some consider that these doors are more suitable for older style homes more than a sectional door would be. With sectional door, the size of garage doorwindows is limited to the dimensions of each panel. On the other hand, because tilt doors are a single piece, you can have windows installed as big as you choose.

Another advantage is that you can have another door installed inside of it. This would enable you to access the garage without have to open it up entirely, saving you effort and time. A small flapping door for pets can also be installed in a tilt door. For more information, contact any garage door company in Carson for a consultation on which door type is best for your home.

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