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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Fast garage door balance

Something was wrong with my overhead door… go figure what! I trust Carson Garage Door Repair for all services although I don't have the time to call them as often as I would like to. Anyway, it turned out that the garage door needed to be balanced. The greatest thing was that the technician was willing to come later this same evening to suit my schedule. I never really thought that they would work beyond 9-5 and so now I can call them frequently for garage door maintenance. I do trust their garage door service! It is accurate and thorough!

My clicker was reprogrammed quickly

My clicker wasn't working. I tried to open the garage door from the wall control button and it opened. Well, we had a power outage a while ago and I figured that this could have affected my garage opener remote. I didn't know what to do and decided to call this company. I was thrilled to hear that the technician could pass by really soon. Actually, he was in my house shortly after, worked his magic and fixed the problem. He just had to reprogram it and off he went.

They adjusted my door fast

When I realized that the overhead door wouldn't close evenly on both sides, I called your company right away. I didn't know if this was a serious problem or not. I didn't know if the door wouldn't close due to opener or spring problems. I just knew I needed assistance. The technician was in my house in less than an hour. He immediately realized that the garage door springs were not adjusted properly and so he adjusted them. He checked and rechecked the balance of the garage door but also some other parts, too. The service was awesome and the problem solved!

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