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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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Garage doors are an excellent and secure addition to any household, and this is largely thanks to the various, often unnoticed components within it that keep it properly balanced and operating correctly. Out of all of the components in your system, perhaps the garage door springs are the most important. They work in pairs to keep your door properly aligned and safely secured to its frame while leveraging torque to operate the door in spite of its weight. Yet springs are often overlooked in repair and maintenance tasks, right up to the point where they fail and leave your door inoperable.Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Repair and Replacement

Your springs could take damage from a number of sources, including accidents, wear and tear, the onset of rust or the decay of galvanic corrosion. The pressure stored by your springs on a constant basis means they are always under stress. Overtime, this may result in the onset of cracks or stress-marks which should serve as a warning that the springs are due to give in and may need replacing.

About Springs & Rust

Rust which is caused by damp air may also spread throughout your springs, weakening their structure significantly and undermining their effectiveness. Galvanic corrosion which has similar effects on metals, is caused by their contact with other electrified metallic objects. When rust, wear or corrosion get the better of your garage door springs, it is essential to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Oil Tempered Springs

For a stronger solution to springs, oil tempered garage door springs offer greater strength, durability and lifespans than regular ones. Investing in these will significantly push back the time required before you need to have your broken springs repaired or replaced.

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